Activ Telecom launches b2b assault

Activ Telecom launches b2b assault

Activ Telecom is on a mission to grow its 3 business connections, just three months after the sale of its parent group Fone Logistics to Daisy in June.

The telecoms company, which bought Fone Logistics’ 3 business prior to its £3.6m sale to Daisy, has executed a major recruitment drive, invested in new IT systems and moved its headquarters to Newcastle since it was established in June.

Speaking to Mobile, financial director Michael Fitzpatrick (pictured) said the company is now launching an assault on the b2b market aimed at SMEs wanting 25 handsets or less.

Fitzpatrick said the company would remain solely focused on 3. He said: ‘We have taken over the 3 customers that were traditionally with us when we were Fone Logistics. The next phase is to grow the base and increase the number of connections.’

Fitzpatrick said he was confident Activ Telecom could increase new business as a dedicated 3 distributor, helped by substantial improvements in 3’s b2b offering.

He said: ‘Paul Foley has done a good job at 3 and listened to the
marketplace – things have changed. 3 is now committed to having a proper business offering for the smaller business user.’

Fitzpatrick said 3’s increased network coverage and its improved handset range were also strong selling points alongside its ‘strong upfront commercials’.
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