Phones 4u and Currys plan up to 250 concessions

Phones 4u and Currys plan up to 250 concessions

Phones 4u and DSGi’s plans were laid out in full at the retailer’s national sales conference this month, where managers were told of plans for 200 to 250 concessions.

The two companies launched a pilot strategy together in July last year. Since then, the pair has inked a deal to rollout 50 Phones 4u stores across
DSGi’s estate this year.

The deal has seen Phones 4u stores opening in Currys Megastores, Currys high street stores and PC World stores.

However, despite the initial success of the rollout, staff remain unconvinced by the partnership with DSGi.

One staffer said: ‘There are a few horror stories around about stores
failing and the staff involved being put on a performance management
schedule. The problem is that there is no sales script and there is a big
culture difference.’

Managers at the independent mobile retailer are being offered the
opportunity to manage Phones 4u in Currys stores on top of its own stores, Mobile understands.

Phones 4u would not confirm the figure of 250 stores, but said there were 50 concessions planned by the end of this year, with more planned for 2011.

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