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Ed Richards, CEO , Ofcom

Ed Richards,CEO Ofcom

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4 June 2014

Ed Richards is continuing to walk the tightrope between over regulation of the industry and a free for all.

His challenge is to sustain competition and innovation whilst ensuring the rules are fair and the playing field even.

So far he has managed to maintain a balance which has the grudging approval of most operators most of the time.

He was quick to react to the network’s mid term price hikes earlier in the year with guidance which managed to meet both sides halfway. Whilst the ruling fell short of stopping price hikes it did give the consumer some power to walk away. Industry reaction was largely one of approval.

However he is not afraid to ruffle feathers. His plans to raise 4G licence fees drew howls of protest from operators this year who warned that any hike could hit network investment plans. Can Richards keep his balance in these strong headwinds? Prepare for a showdown.

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