Fotis Karonis - chief technology officer, EE

Fotis Karonis - chief technology officer, EE

EE’s affable CTO is the man at the heart of the superfast roll-out of its next generation services. Fotis Karonis told Mobile earlier this year he was given just two weeks by CEO Olaf Swantee to come up with a plan as to how it could prepare its network for the years ahead. What this has resulted in is more than half of the UK’s population being able to sign up to 4G services within six months of it going live in October. By the time Karonis is toasting Happy New Year 2014, 70% of the population will be covered.

If the rate of roll-out wasn’t impressive enough, the operator then got Karonis to double the speeds of 4G in 10 of the largest cities across the UK, with users able to download speeds of up to 20MBps. This move will futureproof the operator from a continued surge of mobile data use – it is predicting data usage will leap 750% during the next three years. Then there is the small matter of bringing 4G to areas like rural Cumbria and rolling out 3G (remember that?) to the remote parts of the UK, like the west of Northern Ireland. Colleagues are effusive about his calm manner and quick thinking. Given his background working for airports, Karonis is clearly a stickler for timetables. The good thing for EE is that under Karonis, the projects are ahead of schedule.

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