Mark Mitchinson - executive vice-president, Huawei UK

Mark Mitchinson - executive vice-president, Huawei UK

A steady year for the ebullient Mitch with Huawei, long seen as a future leader in the smartphone market given its ambition and deep pockets, making considerable in-roads into the UK market. It muscled its way into the EE’s 4G offer, with the P1 one of the launch handsets along with mi-fi devices. Huawei has also been raising its profile with a number of exclusive deals with retailers and operators. But it is aiming higher. A year after launching its first contract device, it is looking to compete on quality, rather than price. Its Ascend P2 flagship is seen as its challenger to 2013’s best handsets. Mitchinson’s ambitions for Huawei could lead to it disrupting the market.

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