SMOTY: Klevis, EE picks up some votes

SMOTY: Klevis, EE picks up some votes

Face-off 5 has been live for exactly a week today and it has been a one horse race until now.

The Phones 4U cluster manager from Bath and Chippenham, Jack French has been leading the race ever since the start and it hasn't just been a small margin that he has been leading by...

Jack has consistently had more than 89 percent of the total votes cast since 17th October, but the tide seems to be turning. 

Overnight, Klevis Kalemaj, the Clapham Junction store manager for EE has raked up 5 percent more votes. 

Klevis currently has 15.82 percent of the votes while Jack still leads with 84.1 percent of the votes.

However, with the quietly creeping up numbers on the final face-off in this year's Store Manager of the Year competition, we are sitting tight for a very closely contested race.

The face-off closes at noon on 31st October with the wildcard voting going live soon after. Make sure your vote counts!

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