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5 Things that hurt HTC’s sales


Telecoms dealers threatened with massive bill for unpaid commissions


More than 60 seconds? Here’s more on the things we learned this week…


HTC best not biggest

HTC spelled out its strategy to Mobile this week revealing the different ways it had been raising brand awareness amongst consumers. The manufacturer is using a range of products to promote itself from a portable camera to a social media photo editing app. There has never been any doubt about whether the brand was capable of creating innovative new products, it’s been how well they have communicated that message to the consumer. Figures obtained by Mobile showed that in the weeks following the iPhone 6 launch both Nokia and Sony were significantly ahead of HTC in sales. Read the 5 things that hurt HTC’s sales here.  


Quad play pit

Ever since BT announced its plans to launch an MVNO to become a quad player the pressure has ratcheted up on both the established quad players (Talk Talk and Virgin) and the big four networks to offer more than one service. Bundling services is something that has been big in a number of other markets for a while now, but it remains to be seen if it will take off in the UK. EE were first of the networks to blink, announcing that it was launching EE TV. Vodafone joined them this week by revealing that it would offer a broadband service next year and would move into TV ‘at some point’. So what about O2 and Three? We’ll have to wait to see what unfolds…


Big bill on commissions

In a business where commission has been so important for such a long time the prospect of companies facing bills in the millions from unpaid commissions left out of holiday pay rates is a frightening thought for many small business operating in the Telecoms sector. Add to this the fact that a loophole could allow claims for backdated payments of up to six years and the potential is devastating. Hopefully, it won’t come to that. Find out more on the story here.


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